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3 Ways of Extinguishing Fire using BONPET:

  • Automatic Use : When fire breaks out, people tend to rush out of confined spaces leaving none to operate the manually operated extinguishers. This is where BONPET is unique as it operates automatically. When fire breaks out, the solution inside is heated and pressure rises. When the temperature inside reaches 800 C, the pressure increases so much that the glass ampule shatters and the solution is showered over the burning area.
  • Throwing Method : When fire breaks out in the presence of someone, BONPET can be taken out of its holder and thrown into the fire powerfully so that it shatters and the solution is showered over the burning area.
  • Diluting with Water : To fight large fires, Bonpet can be broken in a bucket. The bucket can be filled with water. The solution thus formed is active for about 24 hours. This can then be thrown over the burning area.
Auto   Throw
Automatic use          Throwing Method
Fire coverage - It is effective on 7m2 of area/8m3 by volume for an ampule of weight 1.035 kg. BONPET is a pin point extinguisher.
Illustrative Sample Applications in Japan

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