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After knowing the injuries/casualties in the recent incidents of fire in school functions/cinema halls/multi-storey buildings, like everybody, we at OETS were deeply distressed by these tragedies. We decided to find an effective way to eliminate these tragedies. Our search ended with BONPET, AN AMAZING AUTOMATIC WORLD CLASS FIRE EXTINGUISHER.


BONPET is a primary fire extinguisher effective against A, B and C classes of fires and which is most suited for confined spaces such as offices, warehouses, hotel rooms, factory premises, project sites, cinema halls and so on. The effective area of bonpet is about 7m2 or about 75ft2.

The solution in the ampule of bonpet is a unique patented technological breakthrough from Kabo International of Japan. The propriety liquid when comes in touch with fire, cuts the supply of oxygen th the fire place, cools the surroundings, extinguishes fire by water vapour it generates and gives a coating to the place of fire which prevents re-occurence of fire. Thus Bonpet acts in all possible ways to control & extinguish the fire. It is active for 10 years. Bonpet needs no re-filling/maintenance for 10 years.

The contents of Bonpet and any generated gases are completely harmless to the human body and environment.

BONPET is activated in all climatic conditions except when ambient temperature is below-230C. BONPET can be easily installed using the holder and screws provided.

3 Ways of Extinguishing Fire Using Bonpet

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