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E - Speed Controller

E - Speed Controller Push-one type speed controller for pneumatic controlling equipments.
  • ESC type (Elbow type) ------ The TR type and E-VO type are also available.
  • ESD type (free piping direction)
  • ESU type (In-line type)
  • Applicable tube O.D.: 4mm to 12mm, 1/4" to 3/8"
  • Maximum using pressure : 0.99MPa.
  • Using temp. range : -5~+600C(43 ~ 1400F)
Chemifit C1 Series

Advanced push-one type fitting, with enhanced cleanness.
  • Complete-oiltight treated type. Excellent smoothness of internal surface.Formation of dust is prevented. Contamination is suppressed. The liquid contacting part is made of non-metallic material.
  • The push-one connection ensures stable assembling performance.
  • Applicable tube O.D.: 4mm to 12mm, 1/4" to 1/2"
  • Maximum using pressure : 0.7MPa.
  • Using temp. range: -20~ + 800C(4 ~ 1760F)
Chemifit C1 Series

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